Le forme e l'anima

24 Giugno - 2 Luglio 2013

Trapani, Palazzo Cavarretta

«Cardillo’s composition is the result of a study made on surfaces, volumes, colors and materials. The surfaces of their paintings vibrate of informal geometric sediments as much as the inner sculptural volume is animated by a quiet propulsion. The colour, shouted in stark contrasts of light or shaded in the Mediterranean shadows, is the matter of the artist: he experiments it with innovative ways of communicate, suspended between subjective expressiveness and traditional themes.»

Enzo Tartamella

«The art of Alfredo Cardillo plays a coral speaking, made by chisel and brush. The first certainly comes from his instinctive vocation, the other pursues a still evolving project. Cardillo lives this new experience to break away from a traditional sign and embarks the road to the surreal. The vehicles are colors, strong and violent, like a truth that needs to be shouted and better transmitted.»

Vito Corte

© Vito Sugameli